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Unlock your property development potential with our expert courses. Designed for aspiring professionals like you, our programs provide the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the HMO and Commercial to Residential sectors. Gain invaluable insights, learn best practices, and master the art of property development. Join us on this transformative journey towards achieving your goals.

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Commercial to Residential

Master commercial-to-residential property conversions with our specialised course. Learn zoning regulations, feasibility assessment, financing, and project management. Gain the expertise to excel in this lucrative sector.
Commercial to Residential
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Master HMO property management with our comprehensive course. Learn regulations, tenant management, maximising rental income, and more. Develop the skills to excel in this lucrative sector. Perfect for property developers and investors.
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Our Recommended Process to Complete our courses

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Start by reviewing the course curriculum and familiarising yourself with the topics covered.


Work through each lesson at your own pace, taking the time to fully understand and apply the concepts.

Remember, you can always refer back to it later.

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We encourage active participation in the course community, including engaging in discussions with fellow students on our Slack channels, and asking questions of our team of experts.


By following our recommended process, you'll gain the maximum benefit from the course and be well on your way to achieving your investment goals.

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Testimonial Thumbnail
Testimonial Thumbnail
"Very insightful, lot of information; very glad I came to this."
"Discovered the due diligence needed for Commercial to Residential properties."
Testimonial Thumbnail
Testimonial Thumbnail
"It was straight to the point, learning the necessary information and a site visit which was really useful to physically see how it will be transformed"

Shifa Nasir

"The opportunity to meet the people behind the organization, as well as the teams and individuals who have become part of the journey was very insightful."

Amarjit Kalsi

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